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Rule 1 How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Don’t take it personal. Do not confuse business. Do as I say not as I Do. It turns out it's always what you do.

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The most overlooked trait is found on the shores of your conscious. The mind is an open sea. There are many paths to sail. At times it appears daunting. There is a horizon. You cannot see past the horizon. There is no other land aside from the shore you stand on. You stand on firm ground of doubt. It is difficult to conceptualize setting foot on imaginary land. The path is arduous. The trip perilous. The chart unknown. Better to be inconsistently hopeful to consistently struggle.

Day one or one day?

Do you say “One day I will…”


Do you say “Day one of my path to…”

Which statement you utter matters. One day allows inconsistency. One day allows no firm chart. One day allows deflection instead of self-reflection.

Day one forces a process. Day one compels an action. Day one requires effort.


The process. The journey. Many names effort takes. The focus is simple. The idea is not complex. Often, we complicate situations. The reasons we complicate vary. Some want to make an excuse. Others desire to feel better about half measures. A few do so to feel important.

Ego is the enemy.

Effort is fulfilling in its own right. This is called "The Effort Paradox". Effort is both costly and valued. When given a choice, humans and non-human animals alike tend to avoid effort (2). The issue with our instincts is without effort there are no results.

Results matter.

The concept is not about making excuses. A failure is a failure. A success is a success. The difference between the two seem apparent.

Not really.

Day one forces a process. Day one compels an action. Day one requires effort.

Those who focus only on effort achieve results. Those who focus on results often fail to reach them.

Results are products of effort. Results do not produce effort. It would serve you well to remember this.


A prominent Stanford Psychologist utilized Nigel Homes' diagram to illustrate the concept of Fixed Mindset and Growth Mindset. Challenges, obstacles, effort, criticism and success to others were the variables mentioned.

Those with a Fixed Mindset hit stone walls on effort. Those with a Growth Mindset see effort as a path to mastery(3).

Fixed Mindsets lack progress because there is no movement. You cannot obtain results without embracing the movement. This movement is effort.

You must choose a Growth Mindset.


A person must live in the present to have a future. A person who dreams of a future has no present.

If you spend your time thinking about tomorrow, you are not alive. The same applies if you are worrying about yesterday. You are a zombie. You are a robot. Your conscious is someplace else.

Consciousness is not a process of the brain. Consciousness is a behavior emerging from the interface of three components. These three components are communication, play and use of tools. Consciousness is a behavior (4).

So do you allow your body to behave without awareness?

Is your body on auto pilot?

When on auto pilot you are not a resident of your life. This is true when you think of the past or worry about the future instead of being present. You are a resident of an imaginary life. The future is not real. The past already occurred. Both are abstract and out of present.

The body is amazing in its ability to act without thought. We do so all the time. If you fail to be consciously present, you are not present at all.

It is a shame to trade your life for an imaginary one. I prefer to live. You should too.


The mind has difficulty reconciling two different identities. The mind enjoys consistency. The mind fights for it. I argue depression is mainly a self-inflicted condition. This does not apply to biological issues. I am discussing otherwise healthy people.

In a tested setting regarding Moral Hypocrisy two groups were integrated into a group. One group had conflicting morals with the other. One group was consistent (i.e. not morally hypocritical) and the others were hypocrites. When the hypocrites were introduced to the consistent group their behavior would inhibit the other group's hypocrisy by behaving the way the hypocrites preached (5).

People must reconcile who they are.

Results are products of effort. Results do not produce effort. It would serve you well to remember this.

If you compromise, you compromise. If you are uncompromising, you are uncompromising. Trying to do both frustrates the mind. You must choose. Often, we wish for one thing but achieve the opposite.

We argue with ourselves. We overthink our actions. We are in a war with ourselves. The truth? The smallest unimportant task tells you who you are.

If you leave your bed unkept, then you are unkept. If you lie to dates, you lie to everyone. If you are unhappy ask yourself, “Where is my inconsistency?”

Discover it. Address it. Decide which path you want to take. Stick to it. The effort to stay consistent will produce the results you want. Stay consistent. Do not be a hypocrite. The worst hypocrisy is the one you tell yourself.

I hope this helped. How you do anything is how you do everything.

To Your Knowledge Success!



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