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Rule 4 Judge Me As I Am Not As I Was.

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Prejudice without judicial process. Consequences without actions. See people for today not yesterday.

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Many wish to avoid hardship. It is natural people shun struggle. Discomfort screams cries of pain. Pain is a reaction to halt a behavior. As time passes, we alter our senses. We hone our thoughts. We wish to recognize future problems. We base this recognition on past events. We are navigators of future charted paths. Little do we know. The paths we imagine are just that. An imaginary world never to materialize.

The present is here.

You read the words as I write.

You live the present as you breathe in my typed words.

Or do you?

Many live in their minds. Some argue minds are all there is. Perhaps. Our perspectives matter because they largely determine our views. Unfortunately, your truth may not be the truth.

It is simply the truth you live with.


This is not a sound bite. This is not a punch line. The subtitle is not a riddle. The things you often imagine are not happening. You wonder how someone will act. You ponder what they could say. You anticipate how they might feel. You may be afraid of what happened in the past. I understand. I do.

After all...

The best predictor of the future is the reference of the past.

That’s what many say anyways.

You live the present as you breathe in my typed words.

Most relive historical moments. Again and again these people recall memories. A person’s behavior towards another is often based on past experiences.

It begs the questions. I must ask you.

What about today’s experience?

Why do you judge someone for what they are not doing? You have no guarantee a person will act how you imagine. No one promises your imaginary future will occur.

Think about it.

What happens if you are wrong?

What happens if you miss living today because you were busy reliving the past?


The best dreams were invented by asking, “What if?”. Great minds imagined abstract ideas to create wonders. Trips to outer space, instant communication via telephone and steam engines were products of ‘What If’.

What if led to some incredible feats.

This same statement also leads to unnecessary suffering.

What happens if you miss living today because you were busy reliving the past?

Most things in life require balance. Our minds are a tool. We decide how to utilize our tools. We can utilize the gift of ‘What If” to propel us forward. The same gift we can use to keep us from moving forward.

The paralysis of living in the past, to base an imaginary future yet occurred, is delusion.

Faith is belief in something with the absence of evidence. A person’s historical actions is not evidence they will behave the same. A person’s historical actions is a lesson for you to learn how to recognize what that person does today.

If the person does not do what they did yesterday, you have no evidence the person will do what you remember.


To be alive, you must be consciously present. I understand the medical term of a body working. I am not here to discuss biology. I am here to discuss consciousness. I understand science has no established consensus on what life exactly is.

A book called, “Thirteen Things That Don’t Make Sense” discusses the concept of life. According to the author Brooks science has no established definition of life.

The paralysis of living in the past, to base an imaginary future yet occurred, is delusion.

Awareness of ourselves is what creates meaning. This meaning is what many call life. We cannot test self-awareness. This is a dynamic validated only by yourself. Only you know if you are self-aware. Self awareness is the basis for how we understand life. Self awareness requires consciousness.

If you utilize your conscious to preoccupy yourself with an imaginary future (or prerecorded past) you are not alive.

You are not present.

You might as well be dead.

Consciously speaking anyways.


Seneca, Marcus Aurelius, Plato, and Aristotle. These minds were primary sources of thought in ancient Rome and Greece. Little was proven. Most was observed.

Observations are the foundation of understanding. We observe behaviors, words, and actions. Each one reveals us a bit of truth.

Instead of imaginary words, actions and ideas…I challenge you to observe. Be present. Look at the person in front of you. Treat them how they are today.

If you can place an addition sign in an equation it is possible to become more than you once were. Give a person a chance to add something positive to your life today.

A person is not defined by a single action. We are the sum of our actions. It is rare for a single variable to have a value greater than all others. Judge me as I am not as I was.

To Your Knowledge Success!



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