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Earning like the 1% but unknown to the 99%

This is the perilous journey of the unspoken Professional Entrepreneur & Professional Hustler. The book chronicles the insights into a hidden class of professionals who earn more than 99% of the population. These individuals do so without "Brand", "Recognition", or "Publicly Recognized Businesses". Join me on the journey to understand the real 1% and who exactly they are.

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My Next Project

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Movie Project. Fiction. In Production.
Filming 11/2023 - Present

Inspired by true events. Christian DeLeon lives in a world between business markets where his pursuit to hustle success draws him into a complex plot involving the FBI, Colombian Government and cutting edge artificial intelligence technology. Watch how he doesn’t die an icon but lives long enough to become a professional hustler.

The Movie Above is a SAG-AFTRA Approved Project.

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