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Rule 5 You Attract What You Are Not What You Dare To Be

Updated: May 29, 2023

Intuition leads your sense of trust. The vibe you feel is not imaginary. Trusting your gut is not fictitious.

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Every breath you take. The air pulls in heavy or light. How you behave is affected by your environment. The people who surround you dictate your behavior in both physical and social settings (2). Your palms sweat or remain dry depending on who or what surrounds you. Your eyes dodge or narrow depending on who is in front of you. Do not let people talk you out of your gut feelings.

The framework for our behavior outlines itself around us. The framework we construct are the castles of our lives. Within each castle is a home we reside in. The home is our inner space. Some call it a sanctuary. This home is our environment which affects us most. This is where you sleep, rest and recharge.

When we venture out our home, we scan our horizon. Trees surround our path. We search tree lines to decide their place. The trees either beckon us forward or shun us back inside. The path we take is another environment. We have choices. Some make good choices. Others make bad choices. We do not know what the result of our choices will yield. We must wait. The consequences are only observed in retrospect. The environment of our path matters. We must choose wisely.

We arrive at destination unknown. No one knows the future. Few remember the past. It is difficult to pay attention to the present situation. Our destination represents a final environment. Where we arrive matters. It is this place where our minds our most active. Who we are outside the home is different. Despite the obvious we must confront reality. The environment we arrive at is where we toil, provide, and determine success. What you do for a living matters.


Do not stay in a guest house. I mean that. Studies of children are prevalent. How the home affects children is deeply researched. A stressful environment with poor conditions was directly correlated to stress-related immune system dysregulation in children 3-18 in one study (3). Adults and children are both human. It is logical to surmise what affects children will affect adults.

The people who surround you dictate your behavior in both physical and social settings.

A healthy, safe home environment is essential for promoting and protecting healthy development in childhood (3). I argue the same applies for adults. An unsafe unstable environment is damaging.

Having turmoil in your home means you are full of turmoil. It is difficult to make a prospective client calm or feel safe when you are neither. If your physical health is lacking it will show. Much as we cannot hide a cough…we cannot hide stress.

Stress shows. You can never make someone feel at home with you if you have no home yourself.

Think about that.


This is one environment I hold a controversial view on. I believe the hard path is most beneficial. The effects of stress on the nervous system were investigated over 50 years (4).

Some studies show stress has many effects on the human nervous system and can cause structural changes in different parts of the brain (5). Chronic stress can lead to atrophy of the brain mass and decrease its weight (6).

Stress in a continual state is negative and bad. I am not discussing permeant stress. I am talking about the positive state of stress.

Temporary stress. The beneficial effects of stress involve preserving homeostasis of cells/species, which leads to continued survival (7).

The temporary stress is labor to your destination. Any man worth his salt struggled to obtain his success. I argue there is no appreciation or gratitude for task at hand if said task is easy. I know nothing in life worth having which was not hard to obtain.

Anything hard is difficult. If you have difficulty doing something it is stressful. All high-performance activities contain stress. Do you want to get to a millionaire status? It is going to be highly stressful. Most likely dangerous. At the end. You are supposed to reap the rewards.

The temporary stress is labor to your destination. Any man worth his salt struggled to obtain his success.

We make our paths to success. Making a path is very stressful. There is no road to pave. You must pave the road yourself. If the path we take is paved by someone else it is not stressful. The road paved by another is comfortable. There is very little value to something obtained in comfort.

Do not take a path make one.


It is a hard path traveling a path you make. You should not arrive to a war zone. As mentioned earlier, chronic stress leads to atrophy of brain mass in decreased weight (6). Where we end up needs to be a place of harmony.

Harmony can be found in hard work. Many enjoy hard work. I argue hard work is good. If you do what you love, you can lose the concept of it being laborious. This is where you should be. Doing what you love. At a person’s best, the love of work, joy of work, and success at work are the spice of life and the most satisfying feeling (8).

Do not confuse struggle with labor. It is a labor to struggle. It is not a struggle to labor. Dealing with unpleasantries to obtain something pleasant is worthwhile. Going through an unpleasant experience to arrive at an unpleasant place is the quickest path to despair. See where you are going. Don’t just go arbitrarily to a destination unknown.


The rules I move by are followed. I am very good at following instructions. Contrary to various opinions online I appreciate order. I also value authority. Chaos is an illustration of no order to a devaluation of authority.

At a person’s best, the love of work, joy of work, and success at work are the spice of life and the most satisfying feeling.

We must choose order in order to succeed. The success is not about money. Success is about purpose. How we define purpose varies. It is not my place to tell you what your purpose is. I can tell you there is no purpose to unnecessary suffering, or stress. There is a place for suffering and stress. For men anyways.

The place for suffering is outside the home and away from work. The place you rest must be peaceful. The place you work must be enjoyable. You can rest in your home but work hard at work. Find what you love to do. This will create a sense of fulfillment. Just remember you are not entitled to do what you love.

You must earn it.

You earn it by persisting through adversity, struggle and hardship.

The process will be unpleasant, stressful, and hard. Embrace the path. Your destination will not be a repeat of your journey. Albeit you take the time to think about where you are going. You attract what you are not what you dare to be. Be peaceful at home, strong on your path and love where you arrive. Others will follow.

To Your Knowledge Success!



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