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The Most Rewarding Part Of Hustling Is The Not The Money

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

You must see it to believe it. Going from zero to hero is a real thing. You’re always one phone call away from your life changing.

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It’s very difficult to explain. You look at your bank account. You analyze it’s running to zero. You realize you do not have enough. The bills are coming due. You are close to default. Your wife is worried. She’s never seen this before. You all are newlyweds. Can you perform? Can you win? There is 1 second left on the game clock. The answer? A resounding yes.

My favorite quote from the Art of War is “Even Amongst Chaos there is opportunity.”

There is truth to this.

I write from first-hand experience. I am different than many. Sometimes my articles are distributed. Sometimes they are not. The algorithm changed a lot here in Medium. Therefore, I write less. Most successfully distributed stories are run on sentences, grammar messes and mainly about someone’s emotional struggle.

Nothing wrong with that. This is what Medium is now. I figured out how to write and get distributed. I choose not to. Quality writing is too important to me. So I came to start publishing on my own blog. Now I'm here on my own website.

My reads are way down from the 10k+ reads last year per article on Medium. I have a lot of loyal followers. I write for them. It helps 100-200 people each time I write on that platform. Eventually it gets to a thousand. All good. I get the messages. If you’re new, I’ll reward you with this help.

People claim success but overlook triumph. Do you know the difference between triumph and success?


You need triumph to become a professional hustler. The world is fraught with struggle. There is a lot of adversity. You know this. If you are alive, you most likely experience this reality. The fundamental difference between success and failure is resilience.

The ability to remain in a situation for a long time is a staple of a hustler’s success.

It is convenient to discuss theory. It is easy to agree in principle. It is very difficult to live through it.

Triumph – a bad experience, which aims to destroy you (and appears to do so) but somehow you thrive as a result.

Thriving is different than surviving.


Survivors recount stories which evoke empathy and sympathy. There is admiration for understanding the past. Everyone knows a survivor’s story.

Thrivers achieve success despite their past. Most often people are surprised when they discover the stories thrivers tell. Rarely do people know a thriver’s story.

A survivor has no triumph. There is nothing except the experience they survive. A thriver is a person who holds triumph. A thriver’s triumph is typically an unrelated item people admire as a direct result of the thriver’s unknown experience.

I thrive during hardship, slander, and defamation. I do not survive it. There is a difference.


Mental toughness is not easy. It is not without struggle. Doubt is a cloud which cloaks every person’s mind. It matters not who you are. What does matter is how this cloud of doubt evaporates.

Few understand perspective. Everyone has a vantage point to see from. If you can calm down, you can see different paths to walk. Another path can take you to another vantage point. It is impossible to see behind you when you are looking forward. Remember you can always turn around. Look behind you.

Whatever situation is happening there is something to be discovered. In every failure there is opportunity. In every defeat there is a treasure.


Each situation in life has something available. The emotions we experience often create bias. If we choose to be hurt by a situation, we can forget happiness. If we choose to feel betrayed, we can discard any concession offered. If we choose anger, we can disregard options.

Emotions are choices. Everyone chooses how they feel. We cannot choose what happens to us. We cannot choose what people do. We cannot control anything often but our feelings.

Nearly all people will be unfair. Most will abandon you. Few will support you.

To this I say…so what?

Feelings reside inside. To feel we must recognize it is a reaction. Reactions come from external places. It is your choice to surrender or deny entrance inside. In this sense a man can be jailed but feel free. A woman can have her money stolen but feel rich.

The choice is about power. I choose not to allow others power over me. No one is allowed power over my state of mind. I refuse to grant this concession.

Remember power dynamics. This sense of clarity allows me to see things objectively. This is how I see the opportunity. I can obtain six figures when my account is next to zero. The ability to be objective about my situation drives me forward.

There is so much more to value than money. People exchange money for what they perceive valuable. Money in and of itself can do nothing. Anyone with money knows this. A person can benefit from any situation. Even if the situation is you being under indictment. Settle down. Think hard. Find the person who most benefits from your situation.

They are there. You must think. Who can benefit from your situation? There is always someone.

To Your Knowledge Success!



1) The life of Christopher Knight Lopez a Professional Hustler turned International Best Seller and Published Author of “I Made It Then I Didn’t”.

2) GAFM Global Academy of Finance & Management (American Academy of Project Management). Master Project Manager (MPM®) Certification. Issued 2015.

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About Christopher: Christopher Knight Lopez is a Professional Hustler turned International Best Seller and Published Author of “I Made It Then I Didn’t”. Christopher has opened over 7 businesses in his 15-year career. Christopher’s purpose is to take advantage of various market-driven opportunities. Christopher is a certified Master Project Manager (MPM), and Accredited Financial Analyst (AFA). Christopher previously held his Series 65 securities license examination and was a Master Financial Planner (MFP). Christopher also held his General Lines — Life, Accident, Health & HMO. Christopher has managed a combined 286mm USD in reported Assets Under Management & Assets Under Advisement. Christopher has work experience in 33 countries, raised over 50mm USD for various businesses, and grossed over 13.0mm in his personal career. Christopher worked in the highly technical industries of: biotechnology, finance, securities, manufacturing, real estate, and residential mortgages. Christopher is a United States Air Force Veteran. Christopher has a passion for family, competitive sports, fishing, martial arts and advocacy for entrepreneurs. Christopher provides self-help classes for up-and-coming entrepreneurs. Christopher’s passion to mentor comes from belief that entrepreneurs need guidance. The world is full of conflicting information about entrepreneur identity. See more at

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