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How Do You Maintain Your Reputation In The Midst Of Damning Accusations?

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Never proven guilty. Inaccurate guilt by association. Consequences without judgment. False words posed as facts. How do you navigate legal slander?

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The following is not legal advice. Seek competent legal advice for legal matters. This is a personal experience meant to inspire emotional hope to those experiencing similar situations.


The most authoritative source is government. This is what we were taught. Government is an essential component to society. I can imagine no world without government. But. What happens when legal slander is committed against you? How do you navigate this situation?

When proven wrong there are no apologies for false charges. There are no corrections for inaccurate information. There is no change to non-proven publications. An individual cannot compel a government. Can government really compel reputation?

We all adhere to laws.

The laws of men. The laws of nature. The laws of God.

All bind human beings. People do the most to circumvent the laws of men. Few attempt to influence the laws of nature. Nothing can be done to void the laws of God.


If you’re reading it is most likely because you are like me. Someone charged you with something you know is not true. You assailed them with proof of the opposite. You worked with legal to cooperate. You felt confident your evidence showed the opposite. Someone cannot prove what does not exist. Your conscious is clear.

The result?


You cannot change its publication. You cannot alter its words. You cannot speed up its conclusion.

It lingers. Like a bad odor. What do you do?


Human judgment. People are keen to observe others. Whether it is a judge, jury or consensus…people are very judgmental. Individual judgments are not always right. Seldom are judgments by consensus wrong.

The importance of consensus is important.

That is why democracy exists.

Any one person can say something about you. What gives the statement some credibility is if another says the same thing. What gives the statement more credibility is many confirming the statement.

Authenticity in front of a person allows them to judge you. Each person you encounter forms their independent opinion. Your ability to be trustworthy is established by actions.

Many can allege things on a hunch. Few can prove things with evidence.

Remember this.


Are you a kind person? Do you actively listen to others when they talk? Are you compassionate for people who are hurt? Are you thoughtful?

If you are a different person than what a pleading reads people immediately recognize it.

People are not fools. Despite what some people in authority positions want you to believe, people are not idiots. Grown adults have discernment. Grown adults have intuition. Grown adults are difficult to fool (generally speaking).

Many can allege things on a hunch. Few can prove things with evidence.

The most underrated thing, any one person can do, is assume another person is dumb. People know when they are being taken advantage of.

People forget letters on a screen or paper are inanimate. Inanimate means dead. It takes great skill to rile emotion within an individual with published letters.

I am a writer. Trust me. I understand the difficulty. Most pleadings are not written by Nobel Prize winners.


We must remember most legal slander comes often from one (1) person. The accusations often come from one (1) individual. Sometimes there are witnesses. Most often there are not.

Pleadings often sound worse than they can prove. Bully tactics are common. Amendments to initial pleadings occur a lot. Subsequent indictments are common.

The system is admittedly imperfect. We know money buys results. Not all justice is found within the legal system.

The most underrated thing, any one person can do, is assume another person is dumb. People know when they are being taken advantage of.

The quality of representation determines a lot. Often people go to school to obtain these jobs. Some undergo character tests. Most do not.

I am unsure the number of veterans serving in the legal profession. The ones I meet typically get along well with me. Something about honor, genuine service to others and sacrifice links us.

You may or may not understand this.

It is difficult for a veteran to look at an honorably discharged veteran with meritorious service negatively. I am a meritorious veteran honorably discharged from the United States Air Force.

The accuser is asking people to believe something totally out of character of a veteran who proved they are the opposite. Veterans prove we are honorable by consistent action and deed. We do this over a long course of years not days.


Welcome trial. Do not be afraid of it.

A trial by jury is the best.

A jury is typically a safeguard from mayhem. A jury is one small portion of founding fathers’ wisdom. Being judged by a group of your peers is a Godsend. A jury’s verdict is final.

A jury can find a defendant not guilty. Once a verdict comes from a jury nothing else matters. Remember normal people serve on a jury. A unanimous consensus is required in a jury trial. It is not a majority.



Judges typically do not care about convictions or defense retainers. In my personal experience judges want to hear substance or nothing at all. Be calm. Be happy to see a judge. Judges are not your enemy. Trust me. Judges are rule followers. Judges look at laws to judge people by how good they follow them.

If you honestly intended to follow every law and rule it will show. Intention has a lot to do with being a criminal. There is no criminal aspect for a mistake or accident. Negligence is different. It is not negligent to believe you were following the rules and discover later someone fooled you.

That means you too were a victim.


Judges also judge the opposite side harshly. Judges do not want to put people in jail in the absence of evidence. If a prosecutor is manufacturing false allegations it will be met with harsh judgment by a judge. Trust your judge to administer justice.

Remember. A case is just one side arguing against the other. At the start no argument is proven right. Most are trying their best to not be wrong. Pride is usually at stake. If you are a defendant, the burden of proof is on the prosecutor not you.

A Preponderance of The Evidence is not the same as Beyond A Reasonable Doubt.


This seems simple. The advice rings clear. Most do not devote personal time to personal development. Commit time to personal development. Malcom X went to jail as a criminal and exited out as civil rights leader. A man is defined by his actions today not the memories of yesterday.

Veterans prove we are honorable by consistent action and deed. We do this over a long course of years not days.

If you are honest, intentional, and moral your energy will be different. People know how to feel energy. People are not dumb. People are not fools.

A kind person exhibits calm energy.

A mean person gives off anxiety for energy.


People recognize the difference. I will admit I am surprised often. Most people are kind to me. Most give me opportunities to present myself for their independent judgment. I am transparent with them about my situation. This transparency typically inspires trust versus mistrust.

A man is defined by his actions today not the memories of yesterday.

My situation affects a lot. Mostly with people who do not know me. My situation does not affect a person’s decision about me if they know me personally.

Many are willing to go out of their way to accommodate me. It gives me humility. I am also grateful. This world is harsh. I make no delusional statements about this reality. I also recognize this world is beautiful. It amazes me.

I know exactly each person who has stood by me. I also know each person who has not.

People will lift a person up from what they judge to be an unjust situation. If you are unjustly accused, you will be surprised how easily people recognize your injustice. Don’t die in dead letters. There are living words waiting to be spoken. Just start talking to live a better life.

To Your Knowledge Success!



1) The life of Christopher Knight Lopez a Professional Hustler turned International Best Seller and Published Author of “I Made It Then I Didn’t”.

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