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A Man’s Search For Meaning. Love is Victor E Frankl’s Impact On This Man.

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

A Nazi concentration camp is not the point. How one avoids death is not relevant. The message is clear. Love. Do you have enough sight to read?

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This is not a review. This is a perspective. That is what this book inspires. The search for meaning. This is a quest every person journeys. Seldom is the location marked. Frequently the trip is perilous. There are endless debates about purpose. Everyone wants to define their purpose. Most accomplish from ignorance. We do not know what we don’t know. We know a fraction of what we should. Let me tell you what I know. It’s a unique perspective you don’t have.

I’ve had my share of struggle.

I’ve been arrested. I went bankrupt. People stole from me. I’ve been under the threat of war. I’ve been stabbed. I’ve been held at gun point. My ex ransomed my child from me. I’ve seen hard days in hell weeks. I’ve been through a crucible. Betrayed by friends who forged false witness statements to avoid prosecution…I’ve seen a lot.

The list goes on. This is but a fraction of my story. More is in my international best seller, “I Made It Then I Didn’t”. I digress.

I thought I knew struggle.

I read this book. I realize I know even less than the little I thought.

Nothing could prepare me for realizing how fortunate I am. I see why this book is considered one of the best books ever written.


The account is a personal one. It is one experience among many. It is not absolute truth. The author makes no claim to this. This is precisely where you find absolute truth.

The gratitude one can experience in misfortune is astounding. Reading this story makes me appreciate my own predicament. I am far from out the woods. Despite this fact, I realize how fortunate I am.

There is a certain clarity which comes from hardship. There is a view one gains which is unique from injustice. There is such beauty in unprovoked aggression. Mistreatment offers a newfound appreciation. Lies against you liberate you.

Never could I understand these statements without reading this book. This book is not about a concentration camp. This book is about how a man can gain the most meaningful revelations of life through depravity.

No one seems to explain this. All the reviews. Everyone misses it.


Reading this book taught me something. This book taught me how to gain a unique perspective about life. The horrors this man experienced. His struggles were greater than mine. I dare to say he would cry out in joy should he experience my life in lieu of his. His horrors were pinnacles of evil.

In the face of this evil a light of truth shone.

His truth?


The one who finds a Why to live uncovers the How to survive.

This is a powerful concept. Why are you living? Do you even know? What is it that drives you?

You answer this like many. From the comfort of your home. You think from the perspective of electricity. You ponder from the climate of tranquility.

This state deludes you to miss what matters most. It is what we take for granted.


Interesting enough…the most powerful reason to live is Love. It is not my opinion. I see it as fact. It was a man’s dominatable will to love his wife which physically propelled him to survive.

This was powerful. It was riveting. It made so much sense. Very few things move me to tears. A man may cry. A man does not cry frequently. Tears of joy exist. Tears of sadness too. The strongest tears are Tears of love.

I know. I felt them. I feel them if I tell my daughter how much I love her.

The feelings which course through my body to propel me to untold heights are those which come from love. The love of another. Never from self-love. You cannot love someone else before you love yourself. This is true. For a man to survive horrors of life self-love is not enough. Truly, a man never attains his full potential until he loves not for himself but another.

The book illustrates love. This book will reveal moments you forgot. The moments you tucked away due to complacency. The moments you marginalized due to ungratefulness.

That is what this book helps you understand.


When is the last time you felt grateful? I’m not talking appreciative. I’m not talking happy. I’m not talking indebted.

I’m talking the feeling deep in your body which compels you to humility. The look you give another human being when you realize it’s not possible to stand without them.

Few feel this feeling as adults. As children we knew gratitude. It was when you were four and sick. When your mother or father held you as you had fever. You fell asleep as a child because your parent held you. You were safe. Cherished. This was the last time most felt gratitude.

If you are of the few deprived of this experience my heart goes out to you. I have no words of comfort. Only these words of expression.

You will remember gratitude if you read this book. My book merely reinforces this concept. Take these words to guide your perspective. This article is but a small ounce in a weight measured by tons.

For your own self-interest I implore you to do the following. Love with your whole heart not yourself but another. Loving yourself merely teaches you what love is. Don’t waste any love you have in your life. It is a disservice to you. The Why of Love is the How to survive this world. There is no greater reason than this.

To Your Knowledge Success!



1) The life of Christopher Knight Lopez a Professional Hustler turned International Best Seller and Published Author of “I Made It Then I Didn’t”.

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