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Punishment For Love. All Love Should Not Be Equal

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Double talk please. Embrace hypocrisy. Discriminate your words. Do anything to satisfy me.

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We value consistency. We say we want a reliable person. We ask for a person with strong values and morals. This all seems to go out the window when it comes to feelings. A woman can unravel a year’s worth of efforts over a simple sentence. A man can destroy a lifetime of trust with a simple conversation. It seems humility is not at play here. Ego really is the enemy.

The need to feel special.

The compulsion to feel important.

The demand to be over everyone else.

This is the heart of ego. Ego itself is rooted in pride. Biblically pride comes before the fall. How ironic is it that people often seek to be the benefactor who was cast out?

People seek what is forbidden. In this pursuit they destroy all that is good to feel good.


In the sky of our imagination, we see beautiful things. We behold a rainbow in our metaphorical sky. We tell us it is a wonder. We race to find the end. After a lifetime of running, we realize there is no end to a rainbow.

The perception we see is false. An illusion. Scattered rain droplets on their descent to earth. That’s all the rainbow is. Scattered light particles make up an illusion.

We can no more find the path to a rainbow than we can a road to space.

It is impossible. Pride is like the metaphorical rainbow. Pride appears to offer a clear path to your feelings, but it disappears before you discover its destination.


There is no end. That’s why people who talk so much about their feelings often talk in circles. They are going nowhere like the rainbow.


To be humble is generally seen as good. To admit to defeat or mistake is rare. Even in wrong most want to appear right.

The heart feels. The heart seldomly thinks. Humility is a byproduct of the mind. Pride is a byproduct of the heart.


These two forces are at odds. Feelings flow through our bodies. Thoughts stay with us in our souls.

Often those who seek their feelings are in tune with their bodies.

Bodies age. Bodies die. Bodies are temporary.

Often those who seek their thoughts are in tune with their souls.

Souls age. Souls live on. Souls are forever.


Pride takes you to a path which promises gold. There is no gold at the end of any rainbow. The only path you walk is one of imagination.

Children have imaginary friends. Adults have real ones. I do not live in imagination. Neither should you. Reality is here. Reality is today.

We should follow our conscience. Rarely will our morals, values and minds lead us to think about imaginary concepts.


Love is not a competition. Love is not about ranking others above or below.

Love is about equality. Love is not identical. 2+2 may equal 4 but so does 3+1. That’s love for you.

Love is a place which has no prejudice. Love is a location which forges no animosity or contempt. Love is a safe place. For everyone takes adobe in love’s space.

Love is not romantic.

Often, we confuse romanticism with love. We often see love characterized with dashing men and beautiful women.

To exclusively keep love in romanticism is to marginalize what love is.

When someone compels another to only love them and no other…this is an example of what love is not. Only those who have pride ask this. Those who have humility will never state it.


Love is not romantic. How do I know? Just look at your parent, child, sibling, aunt, or uncle. You love them. You do not want to be romantic with any of them. Yet you love them. Do not let your ego deceive you. Do not poison love with pride.

There is no room for ego or pride in love. If you think so. Maybe you’re not in love. Perhaps you’re out of love.


If someone punishes you for loving another most likely there is jealousy. In jealousy we discover contempt. Contempt is a negative emotion. Many attempt to associate pride with positivity. Pride is associated negativity.

Pride is a lower wavelength emotion.

Pride is full of prejudice, contempt, jealousy, belligerence and at times violence. Pride is of little use in a positive person’s life.

Pride can be of no use in humility.


Prideful people ask for exceptions to be made. This occurs in values and morals. Often this comes in the form of asking another to contradict themselves. Contradictions are characteristics of hypocrites.

Love is not hypocritical. Love is not a contradiction. Love does not ask you to inferior others. Love will not ask you to put it above others.

Ego will.


I hope this article helped. It represents a small token of insight. If this article helps you navigate the difference between love and romanticism, I am glad. Too many intertwin the two. It is unfair to love to intertwine the two.

Don’t make up your own definition to justify wrongness. Words have meanings. They are in the dictionary. In English class you didn’t get to say, “It means this to me.” You just received an F for a grade. Don’t forget right and wrong now.

To Your Knowledge Success!



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