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Technical Writing

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Why Hire Me As A Freelance Technical Writer?

Every company needs professionals. Professionals have credentials. I am a Master Project Manager (MPM) and a non practicing Accredited Financial Analyst (AFA). My Bachelor's Degree is in Project Management. I can author company documents which include: 1) Instruction Manuals, 2) Technical Manuals, 3) Corporate Policies & Procedures, 4) Communication Plans and 5) Corporate Organizational Policies. These are all highly technical items which require sophistication. I charge by the word which often works out more affordable.


Reasons To Hire: You Don't Have Enough Time

Most business people have employee issues because they don't have time to actually write things down. This is different than contracts. An attorney can draw up an employment contract. In the contract there are obligations. Most of the obligations require written documents. Most don't do them. Most up start business owners end up getting fined over lack of these documents. Contract me and let's get started already.


Reasons To Hire: You Don't Have Money

Everyone has money. You might not have $25,000 though. This is why I charge per word. We can work on the total scope after we get an outline. An outline and consultation costs $1,000. Once we have that you pay as you go. I charge anywhere from $.05 a word to $1.00 a word. This largely has to do with the amount of writing you ask for. The longer the words the more affordable the cost is. Whenever you have an extra $500 we can work on your business documents. There's your money issues taken care of.


Reasons To Hire: You Don't Have The Brand

Let's be honest. Not everyone is known. If you have never done a business it's your first time. You are an unknown in a known industry. I have worked in multiple industries with multiple companies. I've done work in multiple countries. I cannot guarantee any results my documents will have. I can guarantee best seller quality with the experience I share in my book. That is most likely something more than you have currently.


Reasons To Hire: You're Not A Writer

I'll be the first to admit writing is for some people or it isn't. Writing is very introverted. If you cannot sit in silence, with zero stimulation besides your imagination, you are most likely not a person who enjoys writing. That is okay. Technical writing isn't for everyone. It is something for me. I can write technically for the following industries: Biotechnology, Manufacturing, Trade, Finance, Accounting, Construction, Real Estate, Governmental Affairs and Military.

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