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Why Hire Me As An Endorser?

I am a credible person. I know no situation where I do not improve it. I am not just a writer. I am a personality and a presence. I am also a professional. Read my articles. I very much talk the way I write. I am an effective communicator. A retainer of $500 allows me to attend conferences, telecommunication calls, or what have you. I only bill $50 an hour to attend events for you. I need generally a 7 days heads up to confirm attendance. I do carry on my own business and hustles. 


Reasons To Hire: You Don't Have Enough Time

If you have been talking about doing side hustles for more than a year you need to hire me. The longer you talk about something the more likely you are not going to do it. Contract me and let's get started already. Let me introduce you to the reality of your dream.


Reasons To Hire: You Don't Have Money

I will meet up with you initially to spend some time with you. I will get to know you. Then once I have a grasp for who you are I will go to events and assist your networking. If for some reason I believe we are too different to associate with one another I will refund your money back. I"m here to help people not rip them off. If you need help hustling your first dollar I will do my best to wingman you. I am not your official partner nor am I going to say I am in an official capacity with your company. I will however dynamically assist you in whatever you are doing. I'm good at what I do. Just give me a try.


Reasons To Hire: You Don't Have The Brand

Let's be honest. Not everyone is known. If you have never done a book it's your first time. You are an unknown in a known industry. Over 3 million books come out every year on average. Only about 8% will become best seller's. That means relatively 240,000 books will get to my category. Even fewer get it in multiple countries. I cannot guarantee you will experience the deals which I detail in my best seller book. I can guarantee my insight into your specific deal which is best seller quality. That is something more than you have currently.


Reasons To Hire: You're Not A Professional Hustler

I'll be the first to admit hustling is only for some people. Hustling isn't for everyone. You may be phenomenal at business. You may be the best employee manager. You can probably can do accounting walking backward. None of these skills translate to getting an idea off the ground. Having people believe in intangibles is difficult. When you have puzzle pieces without a picture it's difficult to tell people what your picture is. That is where I come in. I can digest your vision. I can communicate it. I can illustrate how people can believe in you. There's no guarantee in a dream. There is a guarantee you will do everything in your power to make it happen. Success or fail. That's all we ask for. I'm good at people believing you will do that. That's what people can support. The win or loss is up to you. Sometimes you need a communicator. That's what I am. Let me be your mouth piece if you're having trouble finding words.


Reasons I Won't Hire: From A Professional Hustler

I cannot promise I will endorse your product, book or service. I will endorse something I honestly believe in. Please send me a description of what you are proposing prior to retaining me. I'm not someone to sell myself for a mere $500. The largest retainer I've every been given in a professional setting (at one time) was $300,000. I do not negotiate on prices nor do I do this for the love of money. The low retainer is about me being accessible to any good person looking to be given a chance who is just starting. That's more than anyone ever gave me. Send me a note for me to consider your product, book or service. If you are a fellow professional or experienced person you cannot retain me for $500.

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