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Divorcing a Business Partner

A person who you love is cherished. A person who knows you intimately is knowledgeable. A person who is a true partner...

Published on Oct 26.

5 min read.

Power and the Powerless how society reveals itself without electricity

California is in the dark. People are in the streets. Life has stopped. This is the story Californians are now living with. The real story…

Published on Oct 11. In Data Driven Investor

5 min read·

Similar technology for less than 100mm…what’s the real reason behind the same thing costing nearly…

According to Mars One the current cost breakdown for just a communications satellite going to Mars is US $425 million. Apparently the…

Published on Sep 27·

4 min read

Your family health for sale with a profit margin of 10,000%

Imagine buying a liter of saline solution in Wal-Mart for less than $11. Then imagine selling it for $700 in less than 24 hours to someone…

Published on Sep 21·

6 min read

The Next Business Frontier of the 2020s is Hotels in Space

Science fiction meets science fact. Fact by 2022 Space Startup Orion Span hopes to send people to stay in low earth orbit. Too good to be…

Published on Sep 14·

3 min read

Management, Perception, Leverage and signing a 20mm investment commitment

How much is one million dollars worth? How much is ten million dollars worth? What is it worth to have someone commit to twenty million…

Published on Sep 6·

6 min read

Red Bottom collapse, St Laurent’s heavenly decent to material abyss and more Versace fur

According to Bloomberg Kering SA, the owner of Saint Laurent, is positioning itself as the company to clean up fashion industry’s negative…

Published Aug 23·

4 min read

Stock Market Temporary Setback or inevitable collapse?

The longest bull run in American History is running its course. Sometimes ego overshadows common sense. At times we fail to see truth…

Published on Aug 18·

5 min read

Dollar FIAT King Value Preserver

People dream about the demise of the dollar. Endless conspiracy theories circle about no value, printed money and speculation. The boom of…

Published on Aug 13· Dialogue & Discourse

6 min read

How do I achieve an 85% closing rate with investment groups?

A surprising statistic people discover with me is I am usually 8 out of 10 with investment groups. Sound impossible? It’s not impossible…

Published on Aug 6· In The Startup

6 min read· 

Sitting with a Hundred Millionaire to relate to them & important Partnering Lessons

Yesterday I sat with some very accomplished people. As Chief of Staff for HESCO Global Inc my job is to support the Chief Executive…

Published on July 24· In Dialogue & Discourse

9 min read

The Path of Cryptocurrency is decided, the Gatekeeper is the SEC & Coins are now a Security

For the first time in United States History a crypto token offering received formal approval from the SEC. The SEC approved a Regulation A…

Published on Jul 19· In Data Driven Investor

5 min read

Billions of Dollars in Funding available are you missing the next opportunity?

When you think of rare metals I’m sure it’s gold. A political crisis gave opportunity to create a free flowing money pool. To jump in and…

Published on Jul 16·

6 min read· In The Startup

For the last 50 years this indicator led to a United States Recession.

A secret is being held by main stream economist, news organizations and media outlets. The alarms ring silent noises. Secretly policy…

Published on Jul 1·

7 min read. In Dialogue & Discourse

What is the main reason for businesses failing after 2 years? The actual answer might surprise you.

A project is a temporary endeavor undertaken with a definitive start and end to achieve a specific scope. Understanding that basic…

Published on Jun 29·

5 min read. In The Startup

Artificial Intelligence, Robots taking our jobs and the Future of earning a paycheck

For those not following breaking news, in April 2019 Wal-Mart announced news that serves as a turning point for the American workforce…

Published on Jun 16· In Data Driven Investor

5 min read

Pooled Investment Vehicle or New Tech Startup Up?

Stepping into a crowd of people who are unfamiliar with you can be uncomfortable. Introducing yourself to someone you never met can create…

Published on Jun 14· In The Startup

6 min read

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