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The Rise of A Queen’s Downfall

Her lips say she wants to say more. Her eyes are tired of not knowing what standard to choose. She makes more than others but it is never…

Published on Jan 11· 6 min read

In Data Driven Investor

The Fall of A Tower’s Endless Spiral Upward

I destroyed this world over the past century by claiming I always go up. I enjoyed economic privilege at civil right expense. Now civil…

Published on Jan 2· 6 min read

In Data Driven Investor

The Ancient Slayer of Central Banks

My blade is soiled with their death. I have killed them each time they dare to enter my ranks. Yet here I sit hearing another canary sing…

Published on Dec 12, 2020· 7 min read

In Data Driven Investor

The Power of Lord Fiat & Bit’s Challenge to Authority

Lord Fiat wields all power through strife of the wealthy, his tangible presence and his alleged historical success. He challenger is Bit…

Published on Nov 28· In Data Driven Investor

7 min read·

Deathbringer Sharpens its Sickle To Claim Your Financial Soul

I am sharpening my sickle. I want to kill these charlatans. I will destroy their existence as it is my existence to take their lives.

Published on Oct 14· In Data Driven Investor

5 min read·

The Three-Headed Hydra Destroying our Economy & Your Shield in the Fight

The dragon rumbles its roar. The ice of its belch freezes your wealth. The fire of its head embroils political division. The bite of its…

Published on Oct 12· In The Capital

7 min read·

The Trump Reputation Evasion & The Hidden Agenda

I sport cloaks of silk and change of gold. I am the emperor of an empire. Little do you know my castle is nothing more than a cardboard…

Published on Sep 29· In The Innovation.

6 min read·

The Great Depreciation Deception of Silver

I am known as “Poor Man’s Gold” and the “Shine which Tarnishes”. I yield you fifty percent gains quickly. I drop twenty percent in two…

Published on Sep 25· In Data Driven Investor

7 min read·

How to establish a Non Bankrupt Personal Economy

The fuel of my engine is money. The standard of my cycle is level. My market swings up in all markets. Welcome to my design.

Published on Aug 31· In The Innovation

6 min read

False Economic Surges Explained in 5 minutes How You Can Profit

Focus on my words. My steady hand types simple truths. The world’s biggest countries carry debt exceeding the World War II standard.

Published on Aug 26· In Data Driven Investor

5 min read

The Story That Can Be Your New COVID Eviction Reality

A glimmer of hope in darkness. Destiny calls you down a dark hall. You don’t know what waits at the end of this hall, but you know what…

Published on Jul 24· In Data Driven Investor

6 min read·

Kingmakers, Oppressors and False Optimizers

The United States stands as a beacon of hope. All flock to its shores anticipating better lives. Those arriving find a state filled with…

Published on Jul 17· In Data Driven Investor

5 min read·

A Free Market Killing

Freedom is dead. Devaluation of my system is the cornerstone of appreciation. With all great appreciations comes theft of international…

Published on Jul 11· In Data Driven Investor

5 min read·

Racism the Leading Racial Indicator to Financial Instability

The people experience distraction that boils their emotions allowing the emotionless opportunity to usurp the peoples’ financial future.

Published on Jun 3· In Data Driven Investor

7 min read

Self Doubt, Conceding & Earning 30% Victory in Defeat

To stand amidst chaos finding solace reveals not only prospective but forges insight growing above market returns in bottomless market…

Published on May 27. In Data Driven Investor

6 min read

An Impending Biblical Hunger Crisis & the New Gold of the 2020’s…Food

Global Pandemic, World Recession, Massive Climate Change and now the United Nations reporting impending Hunger Pandemic. The world is on…

Published on Apr 23· In Data Driven Investor

7 min read

Economic Defeat of U.S. Jobs from the King of Market Corrections

We stand at an unprecedented time of job loss not seen since the great depression amidst a market long overdue for a correction.

Published on Apr 18· In Data Driven Investor

7 min read·

Trading, Overnight Successes & the Quest to Double Money on a Single Trade

Lucky, Incomprehensible, Not real, Dangerous and Scam. These words some people utilize when analyzing a double money concept. Risk is at…

Published on Mar 28· In Data Driven Investor

7 min read·

The Military Industrial Complex with Iran will destroy USA Economics

The military industrial complex is a scholarly recognized engine to create wealth. In World War II the American military industrial…

Published on Jan 11· In Dialogue & Discourse

9 min read

Impeachment and Trump politics are the result of economic shadows cast from presidents of the past

Our current situation is the product of others. Donald Trump is not the solution and he is not the problem. Donald Trump is a culmination…

Published on Dec 11, 2019·

5 min read· In Data Driven Investor

Don’t Quit Consecutive Failure means odds of Success are still evenly in your favor

Professional Entrepreneurs play odds. Personally I play odds when favorable or not at all. Business is odds that result in wins depending…

Published on Dec 16, 2019· In The Startup

4 min read

Divorcing a Business Partner

A person who you love is cherished. A person who knows you intimately is knowledgeable. A person who is a true partner...

Published on Oct 26.

5 min read.

Power and the Powerless how society reveals itself without electricity

California is in the dark. People are in the streets. Life has stopped. This is the story Californians are now living with. The real story…

Published on Oct 11. In Data Driven Investor

5 min read·

Red Bottom collapse, St Laurent’s heavenly decent to material abyss and more Versace fur

According to Bloomberg Kering SA, the owner of Saint Laurent, is positioning itself as the company to clean up fashion industry’s negative…

Published Aug 23· In The Startup

4 min read

Dollar FIAT King Value Preserver

People dream about the demise of the dollar. Endless conspiracy theories circle about no value, printed money and speculation. The boom of…

Published on Aug 13· Dialogue & Discourse

6 min read

The Path of Cryptocurrency is decided, the Gatekeeper is the SEC & Coins are now a Security

For the first time in United States History a crypto token offering received formal approval from the SEC. The SEC approved a Regulation A…

Published on Jul 19· In Data Driven Investor

5 min read

What is the main reason for businesses failing after 2 years? The actual answer might surprise you.

A project is a temporary endeavor undertaken with a definitive start and end to achieve a specific scope. Understanding that basic…

Published on Jun 29·

5 min read. In The Startup

Pooled Investment Vehicle or New Tech Startup Up?

Stepping into a crowd of people who are unfamiliar with you can be uncomfortable. Introducing yourself to someone you never met can create…

Published on Jun 14· In The Startup

6 min read

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