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Earning like the 1% but unknown to the 99%

This is the perilous journey of the unspoken Professional Entrepreneur & Professional Hustler. The book chronicles the insights into a hidden class of professionals who earn more than 99% of the population. These individuals do so without "Brand", "Recognition", or "Publicly Recognized Businesses". Join me on the journey to understand the real 1% and who exactly they are.

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My Next Project

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A Hustler's Step By Step Guide to Finding Success

This is a story which showcases the Professional Hustler. Down and out with no support, lawsuits, extortion and legal issues Christopher offers you his step by step guide how he interacted with business owners who still chose to work with him despite the negative information on him. This guide will show you how to find deals, negotiate compensation, measure your cost benefit analysis, and execute a six figure contract while fully disclosing all the details which would normally make people run from you. Learn how to build cash by converting the Wealth of Wisdom into an asset and how "Telling someone what not to do because it cost you big" could be your biggest asset.

(Anticipated 4th Quarter 2023)